The first in a series of personalized books from Tinyme where your child is the star! Great for developing numeracy and literacy skills as well as an appreciation for vegetables playing ping pong (very important).

Featuring an all star cast including the roller skating giraffe, bouncy eggs shaking maracas, skateboarding doughnuts and of course cupcakes playing musical statues. Your child stars throughout the book, as they prepare for the extremely excellent party with Cheeky Monkey and friends. Every page of the story is personalized in your child’s name.

The Extremely Excellent Party is suitable for young children being read to up to early elementary confident self-readers. Get ready for 28 colorful pages of extremely cute, slightly loopy, educational fun!

Your professionally printed soft cover book is just like you get from the bookshop and comes in 2 sizes: Small (7.6" x 6") and Large (10.6”x 8.2”).

  1. • Professionally printed and bound soft cover book just like you get from the book shop.
  2. • Suitable for children from pre-school up to early elementary.
  3. • 28 pages of extremely cute, educational fun!
  4. • Personalized story books make a unique gift for kids.
  5. • 2 sizes available.