The personalized storybook that comes to life as you read...
Poor little z is feeling a little bit lonely. He has lots of letter friends he likes very much, but none of them feel quite like family… Join little z as your child helps him work out which member of the alphabet is the perfect friend for him! Watch as the characters come to life as you read!

The Amazing Alphabet is an exciting, joy filled kid's story full of cute characters, educational fun and friendship. This personalized story book is great for developing an understanding of both upper and lower case letters of the alphabet (not to mention a fondness for friendly inanimate objects).

The child is the hero of the story with gorgeous personalized illustration and text throughout the book! A truly unique and special story just for them.
The Amazing Alphabet is suitable for young children being read to through to early primary confident self-readers. Get ready for 28 pages of extremely cute, slightly loopy, educational fun! It's beautiful, it's educational, it's professionally printed (and its just pretty dang cool!) That's what we call a win win win (win)

The Amazing Alphabet is professionally printed and bound just like from the book shop. Unlike the bookshop it's made just for you and comes to life with our app! Our delightful kids storybook comes in a nice big size: 8.2” x 10.2” so that the whole family can read and enjoy the app together. Yay!

Your 'Amazing Alphabet' book comes in a beautifully designed envelope in the post and is a ready made gift wrap. Too Good!
You can download the iPhone/iPad app from the app store and the android app from the google play store. Instruction on how to get the app will also arrive with your book! Please fill in the fields below to personalize your child's story.

• Professionally printed and bound soft cover book just like you get from the book shop.
• Suitable for toddlers up to early primary.
• Download our app to watch the characters come to life!
• 28 pages of extremely cute, educational fun!
• personalized text and illustration throughout the book
• Unique Gift Idea for Kids