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Anzac Day Printables

Commemorate Anzac Day with meaningful and educational activities for the kids, using our free Anzac Day Printables…




This adorable DIY makes a lovely little craft activity for you and your young ones. Create a paper poppy to wear as a badge, to decorate your home or to create a wreath in memory of the Anzac soldiers.

Anzac Day Printable Poppy | Tinyme Blog

How to make your Anzac Day Printable Poppy

Step 1 – Print out your chosen poppy template

Step 2 – Carefully cut around the outside of the petals and centre pieces of the poppy.

Step 3 – Using the dotted lines as a guide, fold the petals in an accordion style.

Step 4 – Using glue, double sided tape or a stapler, fold and stick one edge of the petal over the other. Do this for all 7 petals.

Step 5 – Take 3 of the petals and assemble them as shown above. Glue or staple them together.

Step 6 – One by one, position and attach the remaining petals using glue, double sided tape or a stapler.

Step 7 – Take the yellow and black centre pieces and cut along the white lines.

Step 8 – Carefully curl up every second cut on both the yellow and black pieces.

Step 9 – Stick the black, then the yellow piece in the centre of your flower using glue. Voila!