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Free Fathers Day Printable Gift Bags

Free Printable Fathers Day Gift Bags | Tinyme Blog

Give Dad the best looking gift around this Fathers Day with our cute-as-a-button (or shirt) Fathers Day printable gift bags! Complete with their very own tie which doubles as a little gift tag, they’re sure to turn your treats for Dad into a work of art. Fill them up with chocolates, lollies or something handmade and make Dad’s day!

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Free Fathers Day Printables | Tinyme Blog How to make your Fathers Day Printable Gift Bags | Tinyme Blog

STEP 1 – Cut out your printable gift bag
STEP 2 – Cut out your tie
STEP 3 – Gather your cut out pieces
STEP 4 – Begin by folding along the white lines
STEP 5 – Complete folding all white lines
STEP 6 – Using sticky tape tuck the bottom tab underneath the bottom-side tab and stick them together
STEP 7 – Tape the other bottom tab down to secure the bottom of your bag
STEP 8 – Tape the side flap underneath the edge of the back of the bag
STEP 9 – Fold the top of your tie down
STEP 10 – Tape the tie flap on the inside of the bag
STEP 11 – Fill the bag with your goodies and tape the right collar down
STEP 12 – Tape the left collar down to close the bag

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