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Welcome to A Whole Lot of Tiny!

April 07, 2014 | About | No Comments


Welcome to A Whole Lot of Tiny, the home of fun stuff from the friendly folk at tinyme. This is a place you can come to for your daily dose of inspiration, ideas, tips, tricks and entertainment!

 A Whole Lot of Tiny is a lifestyle blog for mums, dads, grandparents, sisters, brothers, friends and just about anyone who has a special little person in their life… We are committed to providing you with interesting and relevant content that is not only useful but enjoyable to look at and read. It is your one stop spot to get inspired, laugh, relax, get creative and have fun with your tiny ones.


Geek + Cute = YAY. The extremely very true story of tinyme.

Once upon a time, 3 young dads (who collectively have 14 little kids) combined a whole bunch of geeky high tech machines, some generous dollops of cuteness, a slightly loopy team of people and mixed them together with the world wide webby thingy. The result was amazing…. a comprehensive range of affordable, premium quality, designer personalised products for kids. All custom made and shipped to you in a jiffy. Want to know more? Read the full storyRead the full storyRead the full story.