Personalized Lunch Bags

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Coming up… 2 Tinyme world firsts (including the mysterious "piggyback" connector), how to achieve completely disgusting lunch bag status in just 3 steps, and a bonus Dad Joke. Y’all ready for this?

Let’s start with disgusting lunch bag status… 1. Combine yogurt, squashed grapes and bread crumbs into a smooth paste. 2 Gently lather into the stitched seams of darling one's bag. 3 Leave to gradually fester over multiple weeks. Simples!

This is where world first no. 1 comes in… Unfortunately with a Tinyme personalized silicone Lunch Bag, 'disgusting' is a lot harder. Our food grade silicone lining is completely seamless, insulates your food and if it does suffer from major spills it’s removable. You simply pull it out, throw it in the dishwasher and whack it back in. Parents rejoice!

And now for world first no. 2… The 'Piggyback Connector' is an optional* clever little thing hidden away in the back pocket of the lunch bag. Simply slide it out, fold it and slip it into the front pocket of your everyday or junior backpack to “piggyback” the bags together.

* THE FINE PRINT: Our piggyback connector comes FREE with our Everyday & Junior Backpack Combos or can be purchased separately. 

Check out our Everday Backpack / Lunch Bag Combo HERE
Check out our Junior Backpack / Lunch Bag Combo HERE

Our Piggyback Connector has been designed for use in cases such as “wearing a backpack while walking”. Crazy huh? It does not use 5 point safety harness technology and while we have undergone 'adventure' testing it is not intended for back flips, abseiling, and lap swimming. Bonus cute feature alert! They are great for wearing while actually being piggybacked.. Awwwwww.... we know, it's adorable.

So that’s the 2 world firsts done... Here’s the other info you’d need to know and a Dad Joke for being such a good 'product description reading' type person.

Dad Joke: What do you call a fake noodle? An Impasta.
Bonus Dad Joke: The rotation of earth really makes my day.

Lunch Bag Features and Sizing:

• Moulded Silicone lining - "look mum no seams" (kids are really into that stuff).
• Lining is removable for easy cleaning.
• Lining dimensions: 8.8" high x 7" wide x 2.3" deep.
• External Bag dimensions: 9.4" high x 7.8" wide x 3.1" deep.
• Secret "piggyback" connector if purchased as a combo.
• Durable 600 Denier Polyester outer.
• Insulated with padded base & lid.
• Lid lined with water resistant lining.
• Elastic Internal mesh pocket for storage.
• Front pocket for storage.
• Convenient Padded carry handle.
• Recommended for age 3 years and over.

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