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We don't know how exactly, but kids' shoes (like socks) always go missing. Help fight lost property with personalized kids daycare shoe labels & school shoe labels - custom made with your little one's name. Each named shoe label easily sticks to the inner sole of your little one's shoe. Apply the included shoe label overlay over the top of the shoe label and voila!.. your kid's shoes will be labeled... helping prevent those small shoes from going walkabouts on their own PLUS be so durable that your little one will outgrow their shoes well before you ever need to reapply shoe labels.

BONUS TIME! Not only are Tinyme Shoe Labels super cute, super practical and super durable, but they also have left and right feet indicators... a perfect addition for kids still learning their right foot from the left foot.

Why are Tinyme Personalized Shoe Labels the best shoe labels for kids?

• Each label is 1.3 x 2" (perfect for any kid's shoe)
• Left & Right indicators
• Printed in High-Definition color
• Won't rub or tear off (even in sweaty conditions)
• Waterproof / Washing Machine proof
• Included protective overlay for extra durability

How do I apply Tinyme Shoe Labels?

Simply peel off the shoe label from the sheet and apply to the inner sole of the shoe. Apply the protective shoe overlays (which make them even more durable) over the top of the shoe label. Make sure you're applying the correct label to the correct shoe side.