Who said kids don't love fruit? Nobody after finding our cute-as-a-button Perfect Pear banner! Shaped to look like a hanging banner, this wall decal is available in a variety of colors, is super easy to put up and 100% cute! Works really well above a bed, on a bedroom door or as part of a mixed wall setting and also includes a cute little hanger or washi tape pieces for added variety.

Assembled banner is approx 33cm (13") x 43cm (17").

Wall decal pack contains:
1 Banner and 1 hanger and 4 washi tape pieces.

• Made from fine weave fabric, not vinyl, and won't stretch.
• Completely removable and re-positionable.
• Sticks to most clean flat surfaces and even some textured surfaces.
• Mix and match packs to create your ultimate room setting.
• Available in a number of versatile colorways.

How to use

The cure for blank wall syndrome... a true story! Tinyme wall stickers and wall decals will stick to most clean flat surfaces and even some textured surfaces. Before applying the wall stickers you should make sure your surface is clean and not dusty. For freshly painted walls you should allow a three week drying period. To transform that boring blank wall start by designing your layout (don’t stress too much – our wall stickers are removable and repositionable).

Next, carefully peel the wall stickers off the backing paper and stick onto the wall. Gently rub over the surface of the wall sticker with a soft cloth or with the back of your hand from the centre outwards pushing out any air bubbles. All done. Blank wall cured!

How to remove

To remove, carefully lift a corner and whilst folding the sticker back on itself slowly peel off. Our wall stickers shouldn't damage your wall, but it's important to be careful when removing in case the wall has been poorly prepared before painting. If you are concerned, or if the wall offers resistance, heat with a hairdryer while removing. The backing paper is a good place to store stickers.

Warning: Tinyme wall stickers are designed for decoration only and not to be considered as toys. Make sure you apply them out of the reach of children under 3 years of age, especially children in a cot, crib or bed, to avoid a possible choking hazard.