Round Jigsaw - Set of 6

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What's better than 1 super cute, double sided 3 piece jigsaw puzzle? How about 6 of them!? That's right; our personalized round jigsaw puzzle set is double the fun in more ways than one! The unique double sided design allows for 2 separate collections your little one can make up and uses a good mix of puzzle solving skills as well as color matching / sorting. Plus it's got your special little someone's name and initial on both sides... win, win, win!

Tinyme's Jigsaw Puzzles come in a sweet round shape and are made from premium quality materials, printed in high resolution color and have a clear gloss coating for extra durability - they're basically the bee's knees. Plus, when it comes to 'pack up time', both you and your kids will love the personalized storage box that safely stores your puzzle pieces. (No more missing pieces = Yay!)

• Recommended for children between 3-4 years
• Comes in an adorable round shape - 3.9" x 3.9"
• 6 x 3 interlocking jigsaw pieces per puzzle
• Unique double sided design - 2 jigsaw sets in 1!
• Personalized both sides.
• Includes free personalized storage box
• Sturdy 3mm thick pieces
• Large pieces, perfect for little hands
• Made with non-toxic materials
• Warning: Not suitable for children under 19 months.

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