Cheeky Monkey and his very best friend (your child!) are on their way to play a remarkably marvellous cricket game with their friend Kanga Jack. The only problem is... they don’t know where to find him! Can they get to Kanga Jack in time?

Your child joins Cheeky Monkey as the star in this personalized book as they travel around Australia in search of their friend Kanga Jack. An exciting, adventure filled story full of fabulous friends, new and interesting places and lots of fun facts about Australia. Great for developing an understanding of Australian landmarks, native animals, cultural foods and geography (not to mention a fondness for friendly inanimate objects).

The Australian Adventure storybook is suitable for kids from pre-school to early primary. Get ready for 28 colorful pages of extremely cute, slightly loopy, educational fun!

Your professionally printed soft cover book is just like you get from the bookshop and comes in 2 sizes: Small (7.6” x 6”) and Large (10.6”x 8.2”).

  1. • Professionally printed and bound soft cover book.
  2. • Suitable for kids from pre-school up to elementary.
  3. • 28 pages of extremely cute, educational fun!
  4. • Personalized story books make a unique gift.
  5. • 2 sizes available.