Personalized Name Puzzle

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Recommended for children over 18 months of age.

Here at Tinyme we've developed a contemporary, high quality version of the timeless name puzzle. With an exclusive range of beautiful designs, educational super powers and integrated storage for easy pack up... What’s not to love?

Feel the love: When a child receives a keepsake, custom made puzzle with their very own name they feel special, loved and unique. We know they may not appreciate that they are developing fine motor skills, refining color and shape recognition, learning to spell their name and improving their pack up skills... But they will feel oh-so loved.

It's all in the details: Tinyme personalized name puzzles have a beautiful, subtle textured finish and come in an adorable range of designs and colors. After the decorative printing process we apply a clear protective coating to prevent scratching and make your puzzle easier to wipe clean. We uniquely decorate the puzzle base and letters on both their front and back, and even decorate the surface the letters sit in. Our name puzzles are a generous size and the chunky .35” letters are perfect for little fingers. Unlike many of the name puzzles you can buy, which come in all capitals, Tinyme name puzzles are made in title case (1st letter capital and rest of the letters lower case), which is the ideal way for a child to learn their name.

Integrated storage: But wait, there's more! How does no more lost pieces sound? Choose between a FREE felt storage pouch or upgrade to our solid wooden storage box, with beautiful finger jointed construction, where the integrated slide-in lid becomes the puzzle base... Can we get a whoop whoop?

Tried & tested: At Tinyme we’ve been designing, making and selling name puzzles for over 10 years and now have hundreds of thousands of happy customers all over the world. Our kids name puzzles are just the right mix of beautiful design and practicality, of traditional quality and high tech innovation, and of education and fun. We conduct rigorous independent laboratory testing ensuring our puzzles comply with international toy standards.

Please note we can’t make non-alphabetical letters, hyphens or any other special characters.



  • Beautiful textured finish with clear coating for durability.
  • Decorative printing applied to front and back of base and letters.
  • Great choice of design and colors.
  • Free felt storage pouch for easy pack up.
  • Optional solid wood, finger jointed, storage box
  • Keepsake that can be treasured for years.
  • Title Case not All Caps. Best option for learning.
  • Generous sizing (11.2” to 17.3” in length and 3.9" in height)
  • Letters vary in size up to 2.16" high.
  • Chunky 0.53" letters, perfect for little hands.
  • Independently tested and comply with international safety standards.
  • Recommended for children over 18 months of age.
New double sided designs-twice the fun. I feel when I purchase these puzzles as gifts, they will last a lifetime.
Color came
off after my
kid played with it once. Strong rubber smell.
It was beautifully made and nicely packaged
The colors are amazing and craftsmanship superb.