Round Shoe Overlays

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Easily identify your child's shoes and spend less time figuring out which shoe belongs to who! A single sheet of Round Shoe Overlays can help label up to 5 pairs of shoes... Simply place the round shoe overlays over Round Name Labels to give them ultimate durability and never lose those shoes again!

Pack Includes:
10 Round Shoe Overlays

I didn’t know these things existed. Now my boys’ shoes labels last more than two wears. Awesome
Great. They do the job and stick surprisingly well.
I love them.
Great quality
I have not had any problems with my shoe labels.
We've used these before and they're good!
His shoes have been through the washing machine twice and the lables are still going great. He wears his shoes every day too.
Great thanks
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For clear shoe overlays please place the sticky name label to the inside heel and stick a supplied clear label over the top for added durability. All done!