The Colorful Conundrum

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Your child and the clan of colors are having a lovely time playing together... until bossy Red turns everything into a competition! Which color will end up as your child's favorite? And what will they discover along the way?

An exciting, joy filled kid's story book full of colorful characters, educational fun and an emphasis on teamwork and seeing the best in people. This personalized story book is great for developing an understanding of basic colors (not to mention a fondness for friendly inanimate objects).

The Colorful Conundrum Personalized Book is suitable for young children being read to through to early primary confident self-readers. Get ready for 28 pages of extremely cute, slightly loopy, educational fun! 

Your professionally printed soft cover book is just like you get from the bookshop, and comes in 2 sizes: Small (195mm x 153mm) and Large (270mm x 210mm).

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